Founding Pastor

Bishop Billy & Sis. Betty McCool – Bishop McCool is the founding pastor of First Apostolic Church. Bishop McCool met Sis. McCool at a tent meeting. They were later married in 1956, and they immediately evangelized the country. In 1957, Bishop and Sis. McCool came to Knoxville with a dream of a church, Christian school, and child care center. They have seen this dream fulfilled and have been the facilitator of many daughter works, such as Eagle Bend Apostolic Church, Clinton, TN, and First Apostolic Church, Maryville, TN. They both still oversee and serve First Apostolic Church Knoxville in a great capacity with their dynamic teaching and passionate leadership.


Senior Pastor

Pastor Mark & Sis. Jamie McCool – Pastor McCool was born in Knoxville in 1958. He grew up working for and loving the saints of First Apostolic Church. He graduated from the University of Tennessee with a bachelor’s degree in elementary art education. He married Sis. Jamie McCool in 1981, and together they served as associate pastors and teachers in Apostolic Christian School. Sis. Jamie McCool also has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Tennessee in child and family development. In 2001, Bro. Mark was named Pastor of First Apostolic Church. Together they are leading First Apostolic Church forward.